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This book, “Emily and the Moon,” is a sweet story about a little girl’s love for the Moon and her journey to reach it. The story uses a creative and imaginative approach to convey that one can achieve their dreams with determination, hard work, and perseverance. The book is well-suited for young children, and it can be used to spark discussions about space, astronomy, and the importance of education. The book’s illustrations are simple and appealing, making it easy for children to understand the story. The repetition of the phrase “The Moon thought and thought” creates a sense of anticipation and adds to the overall charm of the story. The book’s ending reinforces the message of perseverance, as the protagonist’s hard work and determination pay off. Overall, this book is a delightful and inspiring read for children and adults alike.

Auxilia William

About The Author

Auxilia William is a professional educator and doctoral student who has spent most of her career teaching the next generation. She loves working with children with special needs and have an affinity for the natural world. Auxilia enjoys lying outside and staring at the moon and stars with her two daughters. In addition, she plays chess to keep my mind sharp and reads and writes books about nature. An avid gardener, she spends as much time with her hands in the dirt as she does in the classroom. She currently lives in Morgan Hill, California.

She’s passionate about writing children’s books because children are the world’s future, and it is essential to shape their minds and hearts positively. She also believes that children’s books are a powerful tool to help children develop their imagination, creativity, and critical thinking skills, and it helps children learn about the world and values such as kindness, empathy, and respect. She firmly believes that Children’s books also provide a way to understand and express their emotions and develop a love for reading.

She wants to create stories that will be passed down from one child to the next and continue to inspire and delight readers for years to come.